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Hey Black Millennials,

Thank you helping us reach our first goal of getting 100 facebook likes. Now we need your help again. We only have 6 more days left in our very first branding campaign and we need to sell 12 pieces of merch to meet our goal of selling 20 items. Please reblog and share these tumblr & facebook links.

As bonafide members of the millennial generation, our mission is to use the media as a platform to showcase the diversity within Black millennials. That we navigate different spaces and roles in our communities off- and on-line. We want to document the intersectional experiences of Black Millennials often ignored in the mainstream media as we continue to forge new paths.

your source for fresh black media. created by millennials for millennials.

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The blackprint. team

hey fams,

We need your help. We need to sell 10 pieces of merch in 4 days! Please buy, reblog, signal boost, whatever you can do. www.teespring.com/blackmillennial follow & like us: .::instagram::facebook::.

We did a collab recently with a dope artist/ mixer named Mistah Rapsey aka stayingunderground for this branding campaign. click to hear the mix

much love,
The blackprintco team.

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